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Going Multi-Modal

Posted by on August 31st, 2011 19 Comments

Amtrak 239x300 Going Multi Modal

A fitting image given all the night trains we are riding lately...

After pondering our options for the future of our travels over a few days in Denver, we were still having trouble deciding what to fill our time with over the next few months while we wait for Heidi’s hernia surgery and recovery. It is strange — off of our bikes, our lives are basically wide open: our house back home is rented out, we’re on leave from our jobs, we have very few obligations – the world is truly our oyster – and yet we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do!

Our budget ended up being our main determining factor. Traveling by bike is quite inexpensive – it is one of the reasons we’re cycling around the country in the first place. Faced with having to travel by another method, we were shocked at how expensive everything is! We crunched the numbers and realized traveling by train was the most cost-effective alternative. The train also jived with our objective of traveling slowly – in fact some would say there is nothing slower than Amtrak and all the associated delays (expect traveling by bike, I suppose).

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