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Adjustments to life on the road

Posted by on June 3rd, 2011 10 Comments

Puddles 248x300 Adjustments to life on the roadWe’re now two weeks into our big adventure, and as with any major change in our lives in the last few years, our children have adjusted faster and more readily than we have! After only a few days on the road, they’ve already learned to expect a lot of outdoor time, many parks and playground stops throughout each day, sleeping next to mommy and daddy in a tent at night and watching and engaging in the environment around them it slowly rolls by at cycling speed.

During those first few of days, it was us that struggled. Struggled as we adjusted to a slower pace than we were used to, struggled as we tried to find and pack things amongst the multitude of bags we are carrying, struggled as we tried to fuel our bodies with enough food and water throughout the day to avoid irritability and dehydration, or struggled as we tried to discover the joy in all weather conditions – be it wind, rain or sun. Through each struggle, we looked over at our kids who had bright smiles on their faces and realized that there is joy in everything, you just have to find it.

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