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The Evolution of Independence

Posted by on March 19th, 2012 10 Comments
January 25 2012 DSC 7113 548x266 The Evolution of Independence

Hammock time

From the moment a child enters this world they are on a continual mission to gain independence from their parents. It’s not easy at first – in fact, they are completely helpless as infants and parents must do everything for them, sacrificing significant time, energy, and precious sleep. But ever so slowly, something magical happens. Children begin to do things on their own! From simply rolling over, to walking, eating, speaking, and using the bathroom on their own, the list of independent actions grows and grows with each passing moment.

DSC 6474 548x359 The Evolution of Independence

Not too long ago, helpless Harper let Eden read him stories. Now he won't sit still long enough icon smile The Evolution of Independence

Witnessing this evolution as a parent, you feel a great sense of pride. A rather strange and new type of pride that is both born of excitement over your child’s accomplishment, as well as the knowledge that it was you who helped bring them to that point of independence. This sense of pride grows with each new stage of development and is often accompanied by an equally strong feeling of relief – “Wow, I never again have to change their diaper! Or brush their teeth!” Every month and every year your responsibilities as a parent change. Slowly, your form of assistance progresses from being mostly physical in nature to more of an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual guidance – “Mommy, I’m sad.” Or “Daddy, how did that baby get into that mommy’s belly?”

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