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Escape from Rawlins, Wyoming

Posted by on August 28th, 2011 4 Comments

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter you already know we’re on the move again on another form of transport – the train! But first, lets go back and cover our escape from Rawlins, Wyoming.

Rawlins is a dry, treeless, and horribly windy town along Interstate 80 in southern Wyoming. We discovered quickly that it was not a place we wanted to be for very long. However, we were stuck there until we heard back from our travel insurance – and believe me – we were quite literally stranded! The closest town with a rental car available was 120 miles away, we had no option to bike there and there was no public transit. Our only choice was to hitch a ride to rent a vehicle in order to relocate to a more hospitable area.

So, we hung out in Rawlins for five days waiting for our travel insurance to review the doctor’s paper work regarding Heidi’s hernia. Hoping for the green light to get a quick surgery in Wyoming, we were disappointed to eventually hear that Heidi would need to return to Ontario for the procedure, as it was not deemed an emergency. We would be thrown back into the provincial health care system, where the typical wait for an operation of this kind is six months! Recognizing that waiting that long would effectively terminate our travel by bicycle, we called up the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto who specialize in hernia repairs. Thankfully they were able to schedule Heidi in for an operation in mid-September. That date was still a month down the road, and accounting for a few weeks of post-surgery recovery, we had to come to terms with being off the bikes until at least early October.

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