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A Playroom on Wheels: Our Wike Moonlite Child Trailer

Posted by on May 23rd, 2012 7 Comments

June 28 2011 DSC 2475 548x362 A Playroom on Wheels: Our Wike Moonlite Child Trailer

Our first family bike tour was a nine day outing in northern Ontario when Eden was 16 months old. At the time, we owned a garage-sale-quality bike trailer and didn’t think it was up for the task of transporting a child comfortably during the 700km ride from Sudbury to Hamilton in variable weather. We weren’t quite sure we wanted to purchase a trailer just yet (they all seemed so expensive), so we borrowed a Chariot Cougar 2 trailer from a friend for the trip. Eden loved the trailer and the quiet time it provided while we were riding – she kept busy napping, playing and singing and was perfectly content as we cruised along. However, after we got home from this tour, we had a few concerns about the trailer. The fabric floor wicked up and absorbed a lot of the moisture tossed up from the tires in rainy conditions, soaking Eden’s feet and toys and often leaving a pool of water inside. The rain cover also seemed a little insufficient and let more water in than we thought it should. We also didn’t see how it would hold two children comfortably as it already seemed a little small and cramped in there with just one. We held off on our new-trailer purchase until we began to gear up for our current adventure, and because of the misgivings of the Chariot, we were open to any bike trailer possibility that fit better with our style of loaded touring.

After countless hours of research into other Chariot models as well as Burly-brand trailers, it seemed the clear winner was a lesser-known brand that was quite literally in our backyard. Wike Bicycle Trailers is located in Guelph Ontario, just 50km from our home in Hamilton. Off the bat, we really liked the idea that Wike welds, sews and assembles each unit right in Guelph – in fact every bit of the trailer is made in Canada (save for the wheels, which are made in Taiwan). According to the specifications listed on Wike’s website, the Moonlite model is the lightest in it’s class at 23 pounds – a major plus when considering a trailer for touring. The trailer also has a unique fold that packs down smaller and into a more manageable ‘package’ than other models.

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Our Portable Home: a Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT review

Posted by on February 8th, 2012 8 Comments

PedalPoweredFamily 05.09.2011 144 1 548x364 Our Portable Home: a Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT review

“Home is whenever I’m with you.”

This song lyric by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros carries a great sentiment for a family traveling together – there doesn’t need to be a permanent structure where a family convenes every day in order to feel that sense of home. And while this is true, and fits well with our experience out here cycle touring together for the last nine months, there is still something abstract — some feeling, some sense of letting everything hang out when you enter a familiar place with all too familiar people, that you can really call home.

What I didn’t realize before we left on our journey is that a little portable fabric shelter, weighing in at less than 8lbs, could become that space of comfort. I didn’t think I’d climb into my sleeping bag snuggled between my children and my husband, and feel that intangible comfort of home while basking in the warm yellow glow of light passing through the cocoon around me. And yet I do. Our Hilleberg the Tentmaker Nallo 4 GT is the best portable home I’ve ever had the pleasure of finding rest in.

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