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Arriving Home

Posted by on September 13th, 2012 13 Comments

Our last post here was almost four months ago when we were just a few days ride from arriving home in Hamilton after over a year on our bikes. During those last days in the saddle, we talked about writing up our arrival immediately and getting it up on the blog the day after we got home – after all, those exciting moments are best conveyed while fresh in the mind – but that did not happen. In fact, writing clearly fell by the wayside after our return, and boy has time flown since then! We busied ourselves with home life and settling into our city and community, and we avoided thinking about the end of our trip for quite a while. Maybe it was a defense mechanism to allow us to escape coming to terms with our journey coming to a close. However, the final days of our trip as well as our experiences upon our return are filled with important events and emotions that are worth documenting and sharing. It may take some time for us to catch up to the present time – but by all means, lets pick up where we left off!

After our rest in Geneva on the Finger Lakes, we quickly reconnected with the Erie Canal trail, blasting through Rochester without realizing we were in the city at all (off-road trails are great!). We crossed paths with four other touring cyclists within a few hours of each other, including Peter – who, at an inspirational 69 years old, has toured the world throughout his life, recently retiring and off on a cycle trip towards the Maritimes in Canada.

May 30 2012 DSC 9072 548x314 Arriving Home

Peter heads out down the canal trail.

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Split rim, hotels and Iowa heat

Posted by on July 4th, 2011 13 Comments

We’re hanging out for a couple of days in Sioux Center, Iowa – the town where I spent a fair amount of my youth and where both Heidi and I went to college. With a number of days off we finally have a moment to reflect on our push from Madison, Wisconsin to this point. It has been an event-filled few weeks and we have really enjoyed watching the landscape evolve from the hilly glaciated terrain of Wisconsin’s driftless area to the rolling flats of Iowa farmland.

1000km 548x390 Split rim, hotels and Iowa heat

We hit 1,000km outside of Madison and are well on our way to 2,000 now.

Iowa farms 548x362 Split rim, hotels and Iowa heat


Before departing Madison, Wisconsin, we took a little side trip to Des Moines, Iowa for a quick weekend with my family. While hopping in a car for the five hour drive was a bit of a surreal experience after a month on bikes, we were grateful to have this additional time with brothers, sisters, parents, grand-parents and great-grandparents.

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Roller Coasters

Posted by on June 29th, 2011 11 Comments

Heidi down Hwy C 548x362 Roller Coasters

The hills of Wisconsin have not been the only things going up and down for us recently – our emotions have been too. Sometimes it seems like life on the road is an unending emotional and physical roller coaster.

For me, the high points of the roller coaster are great – where I realize that as I’m riding, playing with the kids, eating in a park, camping in a backyard somewhere or checking into a hotel – that my family’s lives are so free and relaxed right now.

But then there’s the parts of the roller coaster where things drop out from underneath me and I’m left questioning what I’m doing, whether I want to continue, wondering if I can make it through the mountains when we get to them or through another day of cold rain or strong headwinds.

The toughest part of this roller coaster ride is that it keeps going up and down every few days, and it’s difficult to predict where the lows or the highs will be. Fortunately, Reuben and I have been working to figure out a few of the triggers for the low points and are getting better at preventing them.

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