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On the Cargo Bike Revolution

Posted by on December 23rd, 2011 2 Comments

A few years ago, we somehow stumbled upon the ever-growing world of cargo bikes, and the thriving family riding culture that surrounds it. These are bikes that change the way you think about cycling and can make anything possible. From the original dutch ‘bakfiets’ to front-loading ‘long-johns’, to rear-loading ‘long-tails’, these bikes enable you to haul just about anything, anywhere – making full grocery runs on your bike a breeze, and converting to a car-free lifestyle a more simple process – especially for families like us.

After exploring this sub-culture, choosing to ride a long-tail cargo bike on our year-long adventure seemed like a no-brainer. Our Surly Big Dummy is relatively light-weight for its carrying capacity, rides very similar to a normal bike, and can carry two kids plus gear on a cross-continental bike tour without a second thought! We’ve come thousands of kilometres across plains and over mountain passes, all the while lugging over 175lbs of gear (add the kids and the weight of the bike and it tops out around 275lbs) – and we’ve never doubted our choice!

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