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Approaching the Big Apple

Posted by on May 21st, 2012 3 Comments

Spring was in the air and the weather was absolutely gorgeous on our ride out of Washington D.C. We had spontaneously adjusted our route plan the night before – and instead of heading towards Baltimore and Philadelphia, we left the metropolises behind and turned our wheels due east towards rural Delaware. We had set our sights on arriving in New York City by Eden’s birthday – May 3, and could just make the timing work out using two boats as shortcuts: the Lewes/Cape May ferry to get into New Jersey and the Belford ferry to jump right into Manhattan. Reuben’s aunt and uncle live just north of NYC and we were eager to visit with them and enjoy some downtime at their house. Also, my mom, dad and sister were planning on driving down from Hamilton to see us for a few days, so we had a lot to look forward to. The icing on the cake was that the largest cycling event in the country, the NYC 5-boro Bike Tour, was scheduled for May 6th and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience New York with 32,000 other cyclists on traffic-free streets. We did not have registrations for the event, however, as they were assigned months ago with a lottery system, so we were hoping to somehow make things work when we arrived.

April 28 2012 DSC 8653 548x362 Approaching the Big Apple

Delaware fields

Our ride across Delaware was a quick one thanks to the flat nature of this small state, or maybe we were just distracted with the thoughts of tasting some great craft beer at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach. A generous reader hooked us up with an amazing beach house near the brewery where we had an incredibly relaxing and wonderful stay after enjoying tiny sips of 16 flavourful brews.

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Sun, Sand, and Celebrations along the Oregon Coast

Posted by on November 8th, 2011 8 Comments

November 06 2011 DSC 5622 548x266 Sun, Sand, and Celebrations along the Oregon Coast

After traveling inland through Washington, we wound our way west and crossed the Columbia river into Oregon, connecting with the official signed Oregon Coast Bike Route in Astoria. This route winds south, mostly along Highway 101, for 592 km (368 miles) to Brookings — where we’ll pass through tomorrow and head into California! We have truly been blessed with beautiful weather – for most of our days here in Oregon the sun has shown brightly on us, and we have encountered very little of the rain we were expecting. While the temperatures have been cool (highs of 10-14 ºC or 50-57 ºF and lows of around 2 ºC or 36 ºF), we are acclimating and now quite comfortable to the point of stripping off some layers to play in parks and beaches in the afternoons, both of which are pretty deserted this time of year.

October 30 2011 DSC 5293 548x362 Sun, Sand, and Celebrations along the Oregon Coast

October 31 2011 DSC 5299 548x362 Sun, Sand, and Celebrations along the Oregon Coast

We took seeing this rainbow as another sign that the sunny weather we are getting during this time of year is unusual.

I had always assumed the coastal route would be rather flat, seeing as it follows the ocean. However, as any other cyclist will attest, it is anything but flat – constantly going either up or down, and weaving in and out with peaks of peaceful mossy forests and lookouts over stunning rocky beaches and capes in between. While there are no Colorado-style climbs over mountain passes, on any particular day we see numerous hills over 500ft, and every once in a while spin up to around 1000ft elevation.

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