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Our one-year Bike-iversary!

Posted by on May 21st, 2012 8 Comments

One year ago today, when we left on this bike tour with nervousness, fear and anticipation, I spent a lot of time thinking about our return home every day. My mind would dwell for hours on the idea of the glorious ride down the familiar escarpment rail trail to our home in Hamilton with a year of cycling under our belts. I would grin from ear to ear as I imagined pedaling into my driveway. Maybe thinking about the ending of the trip motivated me to continue, or maybe it was just a pleasure in the happy thoughts of the trip being over, this goal being accomplished, a return to be my own house, my own bed, my own kitchen.

Depart Jenn Stark Photographers 548x364 Our one year Bike iversary!

Rolling out of our driveway on May 21, 2011

But a few weeks in, a momentous transition hit – a moment I remember reading other cyclists and travelers having – where this vague fear of the road is replaced by a wonderful sense of freedom. And then there was no looking back. For me, this also meant I no longer thought about the end of the trip – I was living in the moment and loving every minute of it. Home had become the company I was with, my bicycle, my tent, the playgrounds and libraries and campgrounds we stayed in, and the homes we were welcomed into.

September 05 2011 DSC 3903 548x362 Our one year Bike iversary!

Cooking breakfast in Oregon

Now, we are living in the moment that I used to dream about. We are 10 days from home after being on the road for a year. While I do feel accomplishment, I do not feel the great sense of relief I had expected to feel when dreaming about this time so many months ago. In fact, I feel just as nervous and anxious and sad now about coming home as I did about leaving it. I LOVE my life right now. I love being outside almost every hour of every day. I love pedaling on my bicycle and the tingling in my legs at the end of the day that means I worked hard. I love buying only the groceries I need each day and only thinking about the 24 hours that lie ahead. I love having so much time to play with my kids – and that I feel so connected to my husband. I don’t really look forward to the return to household chores like vacuuming or cleaning toilets – and the idea of waking up to an alarm clock and sitting at my desk for 35 hours a week is pretty undesirable.

November 12 2011 DSC 5902 548x362 Our one year Bike iversary!


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Answering questions from strangers

Posted by on January 23rd, 2012 13 Comments

Rolling through numerous small towns each day for the last eight months, we encounter a lot of new people, and they are often very curious about our journey. Most of the time the questions asked are pretty much identical, and fired off in roughly the same order. The most frequent questions being:

  • Where are you going?
  • Where have you come from?
  • Do the kids like it?

The first two are easy, and if you are reading here, you already know the answers. The last one is a bit different, and I’m still trying to figure out what people really want to know or what their intentions truly are in asking. Half the time, the question is directed to Eden, who usually gets shy and turns away quietly or burrows her head into my leg without answering. Later, when I ask her privately if she’s having fun or likes the bike trip, she smiles and nods. One of our bedtime routines is a daily review, discussing all the things we did that day. At the end, I ask her what her favourite part of the day was, and usually she can’t pick just one thing.

August 26 2011 DSC 3729 548x362 Answering questions from strangers

Exploring a chicken coop in Paonia, Colorado

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Loving life on the road

Posted by on July 18th, 2011 11 Comments

The sun is beating down on the hot black pavement snaking slowly up and down over the gentle and rolling hills of Nebraska. Beads of sweat rise and gather with others forming rivulets down my arms, chest, back and face. Groves of trees providing shade are distant. Towns grow elusive and far apart. My thirst is ravenous and is not suppressed with the warm, tepid water in my water bottle.

July 16 2011 DSC 2936 548x362 Loving life on the road

And I’m smiling. Actually, the whole family is smiling. And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here – because this feels like home.

July 16 2011 DSC 2938 548x362 Loving life on the road

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Adjustments to life on the road

Posted by on June 3rd, 2011 10 Comments

Puddles 248x300 Adjustments to life on the roadWe’re now two weeks into our big adventure, and as with any major change in our lives in the last few years, our children have adjusted faster and more readily than we have! After only a few days on the road, they’ve already learned to expect a lot of outdoor time, many parks and playground stops throughout each day, sleeping next to mommy and daddy in a tent at night and watching and engaging in the environment around them it slowly rolls by at cycling speed.

During those first few of days, it was us that struggled. Struggled as we adjusted to a slower pace than we were used to, struggled as we tried to find and pack things amongst the multitude of bags we are carrying, struggled as we tried to fuel our bodies with enough food and water throughout the day to avoid irritability and dehydration, or struggled as we tried to discover the joy in all weather conditions – be it wind, rain or sun. Through each struggle, we looked over at our kids who had bright smiles on their faces and realized that there is joy in everything, you just have to find it.

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