About Us

Reuben Whitney e1275624484135 150x150 About UsReuben

An epic, cross country bike tour has long been Reuben’s dream –  something he had to work hard at convincing Heidi about.  But as soon as he got her in the saddle for a three-day bike-camping adventure around Muskoka, Ontario, she was sold on the whole bicycle travel thing.  Reuben loves great design, dark coffee, and exploring the great outdoors in any way he can – from going on walks and hikes to biking, backpacking or canoeing in the wilderness for extended periods of time.

Pros: Photography, planning and organizing gear and routes, reading maps, packing quickly and efficiently.
Cons: Researches gear too much, indecisive.
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With passions that are, at times, overbearing, Heidi strives to complain less and act more on issues of injustice and poverty.  She works to be as sustainable as possible by living simply and eating locally.  She inspires to find a non-profit organization to partner with for our ‘Big Adventure’ that supports the developing world by making bikes accessible to those who need them.   Heidi finds joy in sewing, crafting and organizing events, large and small.

Pros: Can re-use/up-cycle anything, cooking and preserving food, and meal planning.
Cons: Is a wimp when it comes to biking up hills (but will do it if she has to).
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Eden thrives on a good balance between social time with others and time to herself.  As long as she is not tired or hungry, she is the epitome of perfection in a child – listens well, is cautious, friendly and loving.  She loves cuddling, caring for her stuffed animals, reading and singing.  She loves riding her balance bike as well as riding on the back of Daddy’s bike. Eden will be four-years-old when we depart on our Big Adventure.

Pros: Loves to help people, tells good jokes.
Cons: Picky eater.
Harper May24 2010 150x150 About Us


The newest edition to the family, Harper is an easy going little boy who loves to be entertained by his big sister.  He’s passionate about putting toys in his mouth and breastfeeding.  He laughs easily and loves to be carried around by Mommy or Daddy in one of our many baby carriers (his favourite is the Moby D wrap). Harper will turn two-years-old while riding in a bicycle trailer on our Big Adventure.

Pros: Falls asleep while biking. Simple to soothe, sleeps well.
Cons: Teething. Endless diapers.

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Living Simply.
Giving Generously.

As a family, we value to live simply by going without wants and needs in order to give generously of time, money, and resources to those in need. We model these goals after the life of a pretty counter-cultural guy: Jesus. We want to learn to live and love like he did.

  • Our culture tells us to spend our money (often money we don’t even have),  on stuff that we don’t really need.  We ask, “what do we really need to survive, how much money does that actually take, and who could use the rest of the money that we earn for things that they need like food, water, education and medicine?”
  • Our culture tells us to work. The kids go to daycare to make time for two full time jobs.  Save for retirement in the distant future, where you will finally be able to live your dream.   We ask, “why save all that retirement time for when we’re old and our kids are grown? Why not take some of it now and live full lives with our kids as we nurture and raise them?”.
  • Our culture tells us to look after number one – ourselves.  Give away a little food to the food bank or some money here and there to feel good about yourself, no more required.  We ask, “what really changes the damaged systems we have in our society?  Money, resources and actual relationships with people.  Getting to know your neighbour near and far, listening to their needs, and caring for them as you would yourself”.