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Holy Smokin’ Volcanoes! 10,000km in and we hit Nicaragua.

Posted by on April 7th, 2012 5 Comments
March 14 2012 DSC 7983 548x303 Holy Smokin Volcanoes! 10,000km in and we hit Nicaragua.

Posing for our 10,000km photo in front of Volcán San Cristóbal outside of León, Nicaragua.

After our struggles in Honduras, we were anxious to cross into Nicaragua – although the oppressive heat, heavy headwinds and 40lbs of a broken electric assist continued to weigh us down. But for some reason, even though our hardships had nothing to do with the country of Honduras itself, crossing that border brought some relief. Over the last few days we had adjusted to these difficult conditions and anticipated continuing to face the same hurdles at least until we reached León. It didn’t hurt that in Nicaragua, the road was immensely better than the highway in Honduras. We had a generous shoulder, smooth pavement, and very little traffic. There was also a change in the landscape: for a day and a half we were within view of the smoking Volcán San Cristóbal – a spectacular sight that I hadn’t ever thought I’d see so closely or by bicycle.

March 21 2012 DSC 8157 548x362 Holy Smokin Volcanoes! 10,000km in and we hit Nicaragua.

We were excited about Nicaragua. We had missed out on the ‘good’ side of Honduras, that is the Caribbean side, which was across an expanse of mountains that we didn’t have the time or courage to conquer on this trip. The activities and places of interest in Nicaragua were all on our route and within reach. We also knew that Costa Rica and Panama were going to be quite a bit more expensive than Nicaragua, so we decided to hang out a bit longer here where we could afford better hotels, food options, and a few excursions.

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Murphy’s Law in Honduras

Posted by on April 1st, 2012 9 Comments

Most days, for most people, something doesn’t go as planned. You wake up late, or you get a flat tire, or you don’t pack enough for lunch. Usually these are just little bumps in the road that are simple to navigate – you probably don’t even remember them, as these simple mishaps are just a regular part of life.

The days you do remember are the ones where that one bump in the road turns into two. And then three. And then more – and you begin to wonder if anything at all is going right! Such was our first few days in Honduras.

March 09 2012 DSC 7962 548x271 Murphys Law in Honduras

Honduran landscape. This road, however, was in El Salvador - so imagine this without the shoulder and with a lot more potholes and traffic.

Let’s start with the wind. We had been battling headwinds through the eastern side of El Salvador for longer than we would have liked. A couple of short mileage days turned into longer hours on the bike as our speed dropped to a crawl pushing against this invisible yet unrelenting enemy. With few trees to block their path, the wind and the sun worked in tandem, slowly wearing us down as we plodded along. No problem we thought – we’ve dealt with the wind and heat before.

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