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Riding (the rails) into Portland

Posted by on September 13th, 2011 10 Comments
IMG 0295 548x409 Riding (the rails) into Portland

Our trailer doubles as a luggage cart when we travel by train

Since our trip has started, our concept of time has begun to change. Our routine does not usually involve a clock – we eat when we’re hungry and we go to bed when we’re tired. So when we got a call from Amtrak letting us know the train we were scheduled to take the next day was cancelled due to a derailment in Nebraska (this was a train that normally runs once a day, so there wouldn’t be another one for at least four days) we took it in stride. Luckily, we were also being notified because the train previous to ours was running 22 hours late – so late that it was set to arrive two hours before our original train was supposed to depart! Leave it to Amtrak to be so late that they are actually on time.

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